Remote Desktop Support is charged at £29.99 on a NO FIX NO FEE basis please use the Buy Now button above then click the REMOTE SUPPORT DEPARTMENT button and follow the onscreen prompts.

Remote Desktop Support

IT support does not need to be costly or inconvenient. Our Remote Desktop support allows your technology problems to be dealt with immediately, without the time delay of waiting for an engineer to appear onsite. We use remote control technology to access your computer and see the same screen that you see. This means that we can fix problems quicker and more conveniently than ever before!


Approximately 85% of our client’s calls can be dealt with almost instantly with the use of remote desktop support – with one phone call to us, we’ll access your system from where we are, straight away!

All you need is an internet connection for our team to immediately connect and start attending to your problem, which means that you can be anywhere in the UK for us to support you. And for those rare issues that do need onsite attention, we use one of our local engineers for a rapid response.

Ideal for companies with branch offices throughout the UK! Call us now on 01455 631231